Directions for Partners

Why ?

In the world of Microsoft Dynamics 365 everything is evolving all the time. All is in transition. Life here is in beta. So how does one grab the opportunities inherent to change? How does one tackle current and future challenges? The answers are many – but one thing is for sure; Alone, one will grab nothing. But together we can tackle and solve any challenge presented to us.

M i s s i o n

Directions for Partners

We want to help set the direction and be the natural hub and community for sharing, learning, and collaboration for partner professionals – now and in the future.

Through conferences, online community and open and honest collaboration with both international ISV’s, Microsoft Business Applications partners and Microsoft, we contribute to insightful decision making, direction and growth by facilitating sharing of news, knowledge, experience and promotion for and by all critical levels of stakeholder organisations with focus on the SMB market space. All the while creating a dynamic, fun and attractive global community for IT professionals and talent, focused on sharing and contributing to sustainable solutions to relevant issues in our market space and business.

Join us. There is always room for one more in our community. We are Directions for Partners and together we …

Share the Future!

Our Values

To help us focus our effort !

Open & Inclusive

Our community is not a closed circuit. We are open to new inputs, people and companies, and we believe that inclusion and being open minded are pivotal when building meaningful relationships and collaboration between partners from different backgrounds.

Forward & Fast

As ecosystem leaders and the ever evolving hub for our community globally, it is essential, that we and our platform are first and up to date with the latest knowledge in our field at all times – plus experimental and early adaptors of new and relevant developments too in both form and content.

Community Members First

We move and act fast. That’s a given. But in all decisions and in all things, that we do or develop, we must always be critical, thorough and view whatever is at stake from different and relevant perspectives in order to make sure, that we support all our community members to help them grow as individuals and organizations.