Directions for Partners

Directions conferences

Directions conferences are focused around the 2 yearly releases from Microsoft - in April/May in ASIA and in October/November in EMEA. It is a confertence for networking, sharing, getting updated on the latest from Microsoft, best practices and innovations from the community experts. It is where all partner professionals go (Leadership, Management, Sales&Marketing, HR, Consultants and Developers) to stay updated, get inspired and connected with eachother.

Directions for Partners

Days of Knowledge events

Days of Knowledge events are for training developers and consultants in our community. We strive to deliver in-dpeth technical sessions at level 300 and 400 around developing in Business Central and the Power Platform and functional consulting sessions around Business Central/Power Platform functionallity and delivery. We get the best experts in our community to come and share their knowledge. The Days of Knowledge events are local to reduce cost and enable partners to get all their consultants and developers skilled and efficient.

Directions for Partners

Online Community Portal is our year round - always on - online portal for aggregating and sharing information, for finding and connnecting partners and individuals. Here you will find member directories, content and pictures from previous events, discussion forums, community news from vairous sources and much more.

Directions for Partners

Directions North America

Directions North America is our sister organisation in North America - similar to our Directions conference in EMEA and ASIA they run a conference in the spring.

Directions for Partners supports

Polish Business Central Day

BC Day Poland 2023 jest konferencją dla wszystkich developerów i konsultantów Dynamics 365 Business Central w Polsce. Konferencja odbędzie się w języku polskim, a udział w niej jest bezpłatny (wymagana rejestracja - liczba miejsc jest ograniczona).

Promoting  inclusivity in the Dynamics community

Women in Dynamics

Like any other community in tech, companies in the Dynamics community are missing out on talent, innovation, top line and bottom line growth, employee retention and market share.

Why? Because of lack of diversity within the company - from executive leadership to contributor levels. The research is clear: Diversity breeds success.

Women in Dynamics is here to help companies with becoming diverse and inclusive.

Supporting young talents in the Community

Futures in Dynamics

Futures in Dynamics is a visionary organization dedicated to empowering and enabling early career professionals and younger individuals within the vibrant Microsoft Business Applications ecosystem. Our mission is to foster growth, knowledge sharing, and community building, ensuring that the next generation of talent thrives in this dynamic field.

Directions for Partners supports

Spanish Business Central Day

BC Day ES 2024, es un evento para usuarios y profesionales de Dynamics 365 Business Central que se celebra en España. Aquí podrás aprender y compartir, tanto en la parte técnica como en la parte funcional, en Español. La participación es gratuita, pero es necesario registrase ya que las plazas son limitadas.